Procurement Policy

Adopted by Friends of the Volcano School of Arts and Sciences Board by unanimous vote 2/15/2012.


Friends of Volcano School of Arts & Sciences

Procurement Policy and Procedures


  1. General. Friends of VSAS will follow accounting policies and procedures that comply with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and the goals of Hawaii Revised Statute (HRS) 103D. Any procurement of goods and services shall be made by the Friends of VSAS’s Board of Directors, and shall be in the best interest of the Friends of VSAS, in consultation with the Education Director of VSAS upon considering the totality of the circumstances surrounding the procurement, which may include but not limited to, price (best value), quality, availability, timelines, reputation and prior dealings, fair and equitable treatment of potential and to foster broad-based competition.

  2. Related Parties. Friends of VSAS shall not purchase any goods or services from any immediate family members of any employee of Volcano School of Arts & Sciences, a public charter school, (VSAS) or board member of the Friends of VSAS, nor from any entity in which any employee or board member may benefit from such a procurement, unless authorized by the Board of Directors of Friends of VSAS, after full disclosure of the potential benefits to the Friends of VSAS, and after consideration set forth in paragraph 1, above.

  3. Federal Funds. Friends of VSAS understand that the policy cited above applies to purchases made using non-federal funds. As a condition of the receipt of certain federal funds, federal procurement requirements apply

  4. Small Purchases. A small purchase is an expenditure of less than $50,000. Small purchases shall not be parceled by dividing the purchase of the same, like or related items of goods, services, or construction, during any 12 consecutive month period, so as to evade the competitive source selection requirements. Any purchase or aggregate of purchases over $500 will require prior authorization by the Friends of VSAS Board of Directors. Purchases of $500 or less may be made using the discretion of the Board Chair and/or the Treasurer in the form of a Request for Reimbursement Form.

  5. Competitive Proposals. In order to foster competition and unless otherwise provided by policy or covered by the Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA), contracts of $50,000 or more for goods, services, or construction shall be made pursuant to the competitive proposal process. In order to be fair and equitable, competitive proposals shall include the solicitation of proposals containing the scope of work (to be defined by Friends of VSAS Board of Directors), purchase description, specifications, and the contractual terms and conditions applicable to the procurement. To the extent practical, a minimum of three proposals are to be obtained and then forwarded to the Friends of VSAS Board of Directors for review. The award will be made to the proposal that is most likely to achieve the maximum best value of benefit for the Friends of VSAS, with strong consideration given to the lowest responsive and responsible provider, after approval of the Board of Directors for the Friends of VSAS.

  6. Sole Source Procurement. Sole source procurement may be authorized by the Friends of VSAS when there is only one source available for the goods, services, or construction for $50,000 or more. To justify a sole source purchase it must be established that: (1) the good, service or construction has a unique feature, characteristic, or capability; or (2) the unique feature, characteristic, or capability is essential in order for the agency to accomplish its work; or (3) The particular good, service, or construction is available from only one source.

  7. Professional Services. Professional services of $50,000 or more are generally procured through a process that requires the development of a list of professional service providers who have been qualified through the Friends of VSAS Board of Directors to perform an anticipated professional service for the Friends of VSAS.  When the need for the professional services arises as determined by the Friends of VSAS Board of Directors, the Friends of VSAS Board Chair shall establish a review process resulting in a ranked order of those providers determine to be the most qualified. After approval by the Board of Directors, the Friends Board Chair shall negotiate a contract beginning with the first ranked professional service provider. If a contract cannot be negotiated with the first ranked provider, the Friends of VSAS Board shall move on to the next highest ranked provider, and so on, until a contract with a provider is negotiated. After award, debriefing of non-selected provider(s) to be held, upon written request by non-selected provider(s).

  8. Reimbursements.Reimbursements of expenditures made by the Friends of VSAS Board of Directors or the Treasurer for the benefit of the Friends of VSAS are permitted under the following circumstances:

    1. Approval of Friends of VSAS Board Chair.

    2. Written substantiation of the expenditure is provided which includes the purpose, time and place and original invoice or receipt for the purchase along with the Friends of VSAS Request for Reimbursement.

    3. Reimbursement of meals must also include a list of attendees and the business purpose of the meeting

    4. Reimbursement requests must be made within 30 days of the date of the expenditure

    5. Reimbursement requests over $500 shall have prior approval by the Friends of VSAS Board of Directors in the form of a Request for Reimbursement Form.

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