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The mission of the Friends of VSAS is to support the growth and sustainment of The Volcano School of Arts & Sciences and the communities it serves.

Learn about the Envira Pod at
The Volcano School of Arts & Sciences

The Friends of Volcano School, a 501c3 nonprofit, is helping to raise funding to bring the Envira Pod
mobile educational trailer to Hawai’i! Something Good in the World’s Envira Pod is a zero carbon footprint, solar-powered classroom on wheels, that demonstrates how to live sustainably indoors. Made from renewable resources and eco-friendly materials, the Envira Pod has solar panels and DC powered, 12 volt technology to power all of its systems. Rainwater catchment, a grey water system, and
composting toilet demonstrate water conservation. A wood pellet stove keeps the space warm and dry. Everything is completely self contained and off-grid. Watch this video to see and hear more about how this mobile educational trailer works and what it teaches students and families... Something Good in the World is a nonprofit, 501c3 charitable children’s educational organization, which operates programs in New York and Hawai’i. SGITW is offering to donate the use of the Envira Pod to the Volcano School of
Arts and Sciences, as a classroom for its students and an inspiration for residents. Something Good in the World was awarded by the Jane Goodall Institute for its “impressive impact on behalf of people, animals and the environment." SGITW’s Children’s Peaceful Garden design, including the Envira Pod
classroom, was recognized in 2016 by the United Nations as an example of Peace and Sustainabiliy, with its students representing Jane Goodall’s Root’s and Shoots Program in the General Assembly.

For more information on the Envira Pod and Something Good in the World’s collaboration with the Volcano School of Arts and Sciences, please visit the website:

To contribute to the project, please send monetary donations to:
Friends of The Volcano School of Arts & Sciences
PO Box 845
Volcano, Hawaii 96785
attention: Envira Pod/ Jessica Roja


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